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With the highly publicised problems associated with Cod fishing in the North Sea, It is understandable that consumers are becoming increasingly aware and conscious about where the fish they buy comes from and how it is sourced.

While it is difficult to label a natural product such as cod fully sustainable, you can rest assured that the Cod and Haddock you buy from Seafare Burpham, as well as being of the highest quality, has been caught and processed under the strictest guidelines, from the North Atlantic ocean by Norwegian and Russian fleets. These areas have been managed exceptionally well over a long period of time.

In April 2010, the Norwegian fisheries were awarded ‘sustainable status’ by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). A prestigious award in which the Russian fisheries are also currently undertaking the consultation process with a view to full accreditation.

Under the guidelines issued by the MSC, the fisheries must prove that they have excellent management controls as well as taking into account environmental factors. This could simply be increasing net sizes to allow smaller fish to escape, or potentially closing a fishery to allow stock to recover. It is a long term approach to looking after a valuable natural resource for future generations – A principle that has been followed for over thirty years.

While there are still difficulties in the North Sea, the situation has significantly improved thanks to steps taken to allow for future growth, following similar plans of the Norwegian and Russian fisheries. As stocks of the North Sea maintains growth and replenishes, Seafare Burpham will continue to source Cod and Haddock from the North Atlantic fisheries, as it has done for 30 years.

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